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A few quick questions for President Obama; Syria

On Saturday the 31st of August  (2013), President Obama announced that he already had the authority to strike Syria over Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against civilian targets. He followed his statement by saying that he would though seek

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Congress, Obama and the ‘War’ in Syria

It seems that some members in the House of Representatives are reclaiming their prerogative as it relates to decisions on war.   Congressman Massie along with Reps. Amash, Jones, Yoho, Roe, Brooks, Pitts, Meadows, DesJarlais, and Gohmert introduced the  War Powers Protection

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A New Deal on Iran

The buzz at Foggy Bottom is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in serious negotiation with her Russian counterparts to squash the deployment of an anti-missile system in Eastern Europe. In return for this non-deployment – which the Putin

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