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Why does Less War Cost More?

The Oversees Contingency Operations fund (OCO) which should be heading downward in cost as U.S. combat operations in Iraq ended years ago and the war in Afghanistan is winding down actually increased by $10 billion dollars to $85 billion this

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F-35 The Jet that Declared War on the Taxpayers

The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), which was designed to replace a variety of planes including the F-16 and F-18 and to be the primary next generation combat aircraft for the Air Force, Navy and Marines, has started combat early. Unfortunately,

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A few quick questions for President Obama; Syria

On Saturday the 31st of August  (2013), President Obama announced that he already had the authority to strike Syria over Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against civilian targets. He followed his statement by saying that he would though seek

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If you build it, they will come? New Military HQ in Afghanistan to be abandoned

The United States government is over $16 trillion in debt but they seem to be able to find money to burn.   A recent story in the Washington Post highlights the continued waste of taxpayer monies on unneeded  Pentagon projects.

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Congress, Obama and the ‘War’ in Syria

It seems that some members in the House of Representatives are reclaiming their prerogative as it relates to decisions on war.   Congressman Massie along with Reps. Amash, Jones, Yoho, Roe, Brooks, Pitts, Meadows, DesJarlais, and Gohmert introduced the  War Powers Protection

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Is it time to re-think U.S. military strategy ?

The war in Iraq is over, the war in Afghanistan is being wound down ( at least the more conventional and COIN aspects of it).  The so-called global war on terror is now over 10 years old and has proven

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Securing America and Protecting Taxpayers

There is a growing number of conservatives who are supporting the notion that every dollar spent on the Pentagon does not equal a more secure America.  In fact, misallocation of resources can make the U.S. less safe both in terms

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