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Shutdown Drama

If you like political theater, the past week and a half has been a delight for you to follow.  We have witnessed a quasi-filibuster from Senator Cruz, Democrat intransigence especially in the Senate, Republican in-fighting, lots of name calling across

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An Evolving Definition of “Fairness”

For more than five years (counting the first campaign), we have heard to the point of making us nauseated, Barack Obama talk and lecture us about “fairness”. He has repeatedly told us what was “fair” in tax structure and payments;

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Maryland Politics: Another Unintended Consequence

My wife and I were recently talking about our church.  She remarked that we just don’t seem to be getting people to volunteer for projects the way we used to. Well who have been the volunteers to make projects happen

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No Exceptions, No Exemptions

Over the past several years we have witnessed a lot of debate about Obamacare since its passage. It has been the most controversial piece of legislation this country has seen in years. For those of us at The Harbour League

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Reflections on the Presidential Outcome

In 2008 we elected a person with a scant resume for addressing the issues we, as a country, faced.  He gave 53% of the voting public confidence in his hope and change message asserting that he would be up to

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The Peculiar Necessity (or lack thereof) of the Photo ID

I recently went to the Annapolis Capital building to observe the beginning of the special session for the Maryland House of Delegates. In order to enter, I had to go through a security station. You know the drill – place

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Redistricting Dysfunction

Every ten years after the completion of the census the Constitution requires each state to review their congressional districts. Maryland neither added nor lost representation during the process. So, for this state, it could be a matter of validating current

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A Missed Opportunity

Our economy is sick; and, it has been sick for quite some time now. For weeks this summer we heard on almost a daily basis from the President, the Speaker, the Majority Leader of the Senate and assorted others how

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