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If you have already decided to buy a paper from an online academic writing company, there are several things you need to pay your special attention to. First of all, it is very important to realize that along with custom writing services, there exist companies which offer copies of files. Copies of files are electronic copies of word files containing research papers, which have already been written for the purposes different from yours. It is important to understand that such copies are usually sold to a number of different students. Besides, such copies are, as a rule, much cheaper than the original papers produced by trustworthy services. This is what attracts lots of clients. However, nowadays almost every professor uses anti-plagiarism software in order to make sure that the research papers of his/her students are not plagiarized. In fact, an average professor will run an anti-plagiarism test on the paper prior to even looking at it. At this moment, you may end up being accused of plagiarism. It is important to realize that when buying copies of research papers, your chances of being accused of plagiarism are getting very high. This may turn into quite a serious issue indeed. In many cases, the students are disqualified and dismissed from the university for plagiarism. This is why it is better to deal with custom writing

businesses. However, among the companies which provide writing services there are agencies which pay their writers very low salary; therefore, they can afford hiring only unprofessional writers or those writers, who care very little about the quality of the paper. In both cases the results are very unfortunate for the customers. In many cases such organizations even hire uneducated people or people from the third world countries, whose native language is not English. They make the enormous number of grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes. Revising and editing such a “masterpiece” is nearly impossible, and submitting it to your professor is something very close to an academic failure.

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