The dark side of compromise

Two of the biggest complaints I hear about Congress is either the lack of (what some would consider) compromise or, that special interest groups have undue influence on Congress.

What many people don’t seem to realize is that the latter is in many instances a symptom of the former.  A history of political compromise is one of the reason why lobbying is such a big business in Washington DC.

Let’s use Obamacare as an illustration.  Prior to all of the arguments over the law, both parties agreed that there were problems with healthcare coverage in America.  Most Democrats (including President Obama) advocated the benefits of a ‘single payer’ healthcare system.  For anyone who does not know what that means; it is a fancy way of saying, government controlled (socialized) healthcare in America.  Republicans advocate for private industry and free market solutions to the problems plaguing our system.

So, what happens when you compromise between government control and private business solutions?

Answer:  You get businesses competing to be government sanctioned solution providers to the problem.

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