An Evolving Definition of “Fairness”

For more than five years (counting the first campaign), we have heard to the point of making us nauseated, Barack Obama talk and lecture us about “fairness”. He has repeatedly told us what was “fair” in tax structure and payments; what was “fair” in housing and obtaining mortgages; what was “fair” in employment; what was “fair” in energy provision and consumption; and, what was fair in “education”. So, how is it “fair” that his landmark health care act (Obamacare) allows for certain groups to be excluded when everyday Americans must enroll or face threats of penalties and scrutiny from the IRS? When unions, government workers, businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district, Congress and its staff and the Executive office and his staff do not have to participate in this health care plan it smacks political patronage and not “fairness”. Perhaps “fairness” is an emotional term he uses whose definition changes frequently based upon his need to tug on heartstrings but has no relationship to equality or equity.

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